What we do

Sexpression:UK is a student organisation that empowers young people to make decisions about sex and relationships by running informal and comprehensive sex and relationship sessions in the community.

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  1. Who to contact — contact one of our branches in universities around the UK.
  2. Where we go — we teach in schools and clubs around our branches.
  3. Subjects we teach — we teach about many subjects including sexually transmitted infections, contraception, consent and sexuality.
  • Join a branch — Our branches in universities across the UK train volunteers to run informal and comprehensive sex and relationship sessions.
  • Write to you representatives — ask them to provide the resources sex and relationship education needs.
  • Start a branch — If there's no branch of Sexpression:UK in your university you can start one with other like-minded students.

The 2015 Sexpression:UK National Conference is our next conference. It will happen on October 31st and November 1st in Newcastle and is on the theme of "Sex: A New Era".

Buy tickets here: http://sexpression.org.uk/ga-2015/store/ticket

Everybody with an interest in sex and relationship education is welcome at our conferences, including people who are not members of Sexpression:UK.


"I think sex ed matters because" by Josh Kroll licensed under CC BY 4.0.
"Sexpression:UK icons" by Devon Buchanan licensed under CC BY 4.0.