The Curriculum

At Sexpression, we can help your school meet the requirements of the new National RSHE curriculum. Our resources are tailor-made to your school and lesson requirements, accessible to all students and LGBT+ inclusive. Our curriculum is inline with the Department of Education statutory guidance.

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Dictionary 1.0

The dictionary's aim is to make your lessons more inclusive to LGBT+ students. It is difficult to overstate the positive difference to students’ lives you will make by creating an inclusive classroom. This dictionary is intended for allies rather than LGBT+ people themselves. LGBT+ experience itself is diverse and it is important not to view it as homogenous.

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Last updated: 22/03/2020


These posters highlight significant LGBT+ figures which can be easily printed out and put up around your school for a more inclusive and accepting learning environment. Some of the figures relate specifically to different subjects, so you may like to display them by subject specific classrooms or spaces.

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Last updated: 22/03/2020

Lockdown Worksheets by Sexpression Sheffield

With school lessons cancelled for the rest of the term, Sexpression Sheffield were so disappointed that they decided to create worksheets that could be done at home. That teachers could give to students still attending school, or send out to those being homeschooled. As well as Maths, English, and Science, young people are also missing out on vital PSHE classes and we wanted to do our bit to help provide some inclusive and comprehensive sex education in this very strange time. Please use them as starting points to do your own research, stay curious and keep learning! Thanks to Heather, Emily and Olga for making these and Laina and Eddi for the edits!

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Last updated: 08/05/2020

Impact Report 2019 - 20

The Impact Report 2019-2020 is the first Impact Report of Sexpression:UK, prepared by 2019-2020 Branches Director Eva Zilber. The report shows the impact Sexpression:UK achieved in this period, through metrics such as amount of volunteers and delivered sessions, as well as qualitative feedback received from students and teachers.

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Last updated: 03/02/2021

Bodily changes

Physical and emotional changes during puberty (p35)

Changes during menstruation and managing them (p35)

Changes to the body during pregnancy and pregnancy choices (p29)

Sex & the Media

Laws and guidance about sexting (p28, p30)

The influence and realism of pornography (p28)

Influence of media (including social media) on body image and self-esteem (p36)

Contraception & Sexually Transmitted Infections

Full information on contraception choices (p29)

Information on STIs including HIV/AIDS and their transmission (p29)

Treatment, prevention and testing for STIs (p29)

How to get further advice and access contraception (p29)

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

Information on different sexual orientations and gender identities (p26)

Prejudice and stereotypes of LGBT+ people (p28)

Healthy Relationships & Abuse

Characteristics of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships; romantic, platonic and familial (p27, p29)

Criminal behaviour within relationships, including coercive control and violent behaviour (p28)

Information on improving and supporting respectful relationships (p28)

Sex & Consent

Laws around sexual consent, exploitation, abuse, coercion, harassment and rape (p29)

Unacceptable behaviour including sexual harassment and violence (p28)

Communicate and recognising consent, including withdrawing consent (p29)

Being ready for sex and resisting sexual pressure (p29)