Megara Furie – Glasgow based Dominatrix coming to do a workshop on BDSM

Health in Mind Charity promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in Scotland

Bardardo’s – Faith and growing up LGBTQ

Li - "I'm afraid to hurt you": when pain, creaky joints, bad brain feels, upset bellies, side effects and/or fatigue are a regular part of your life, how do you make sex something that makes your body and brain feel good? This workshop explores consent, body agency and navigating conversations about sexuality, interests and bodies that don't work the same way so you and your partner(s) can get down and dirty in the way that feels right to you - because (gasp) disabled folks fuck too.

Sarah Moffat - No one ask for it - It will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to promote a culture within your community that challenges perpetrators of sexual harassment and violence, and supports survivors.

John and Karen -  Love and Sex workshop on pleasure. Offers a safe space to explore your own desires and needs and to explore with each other and we bring a wide range of modalities to this work, from bodywork and energy practices to professional communication, facilitation and coaching skills.

Reward foundation – Darryl and Mary: effect of porn on the brain and its impact on mental health and relationships.

Ellie from Empower Project - In this session,participants will learn about how new technologies can play a role in both perpetrating and preventing violence against women and girls. We’ll explore the different platforms that exist and how we can come together to make positive change using online resources.