What's happening?

2016 National Conference - 22nd-23rd October at Westlain Building, University of Brighton, Village Way, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9PH

Sale of tickets will stop Wednesday 19th October, so make sure to get yours beforehand!


Natika Halil

Natika became Chief Executive of FPA in April 2015. Natika has worked for FPA since 2008, with her roles including Director of Communications, Health and Wellbeing and Information lead. Natika has worked in the voluntary sector since 1996. Natika has a wealth of experience in health and information provision and an academic background in psychology and psychotherapy.

Joe Hayman

Joe Hayman is an author and charity consultant. He was the Chief Executive of the PSHE Association until the end of September. Before joining the Association, Joe was Deputy Chief Executive at education charity ContinYou and is a former senior policy advisor at the Youth Justice Board. He is author of the book British Voices which looks at the state of UK society from the perspective of members of the public and a forthcoming book on a similar topic.

Justin Hancock

Justin Hancock is a sex educator, trainer, practitioner, youth worker, writer and activist. He writes BishUK.com, the award winning free, Sex Ed website for teens. He has been a sex educator for over 13 years and has worked with thousands of young people.

Dr. Daniel Richardson

Daniel is a consultant and (hon) senior lecturer in Sexual health and HIV medicine in Brighton. He did his postgraduate training in Sexual Health and HIV at: Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospitals, The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and St Mary’s hospital in London. He is the British Association of Sexual health’s (BASHH) conference organiser and chairs the BASHH scientific committee. His areas of interest are the sexual health of men who have sex with men and organising medical conferences. He has written over 70 papers in the area and is an editor of the journal: sexually transmitted infections.

Greg Owen

iwantPrEPnow.co.uk was created to raise awareness of and access to PrEP, with all the information you need in one place so you can access PrEP now. iwantPrEPnow.co.uk was set up by a group of people who see PrEP as a powerful new tool to help stop the spread of HIV. The organisation wants anyone to be able to access PrEP and be able to confidently make their own choice about their sexual health and HIV protection. It's your sex - your choice.

Dr Kate Nambiar

Dr. Kate Nambiar is a sexual health physician working in Brighton. She trained at Oxford University and at Imperial College School of Medicine and has worked in genitourinary medicine since 2003 – initially at St Mary’s Hospital in London and then in Brighton since 2005. Her clinical interests include the sexual health of trans and gender variant patients and since 2012 she has run a specialist clinic (Clinic-T) in Brighton for the trans community

Will Nutland

PrEPster aims to educate and agitate for PrEP access in England and beyond. PrEPster.info and its related activities are produced by a volunteer group of London-based HIV prevention activists. They are independent from any statutory or voluntary sector organisations.

Jason Domino

Porn4PrEP Is a UK based group with the aim of spreading awareness of PrEP and destigmatising those living with HIV.

Tom Hayes

Tom Hayes is an HIV advocate, who after being diagnosed HIV positive in 2011 set about creating better HIV awareness and support for younger people living with HIV in the UK & Europe. Tom runs beyondpositive.org – a community publication written by people living with HIV for people living with HIV. He is also an advisor to UNAIDS and the European Centre for Disease Control.

Emma Dobson

Emma Dobson is a PhD student at Durham University researching peer-led sex education. Her research interests include investigating views of practioners and professionals on peer education.



1. PrEP and Sex:360 - Greg Own & Will Nutlansd
2. How to be a Pornstar - Jason Domino
3. Sex and Bugs: Criminalising disease transmission (Only available at 11am) - Robert James
4. Living testimonies of living with HIV - Sue Riley
5. Kinks & BDSM: A beginner’s guide - Mandarr Brandi
6. PrEParing for the future: HIV health Promotion and Prevention - Ben Bloom
7. Think you know how to put on a condom... - Julia Davis & Vicky Fenwick
8. Sex therapy - Lauren Deighton


1. ChemSex - Dr Helen Leach
2. Mooncup: Own your Period - Cathy & Nicky (mooncup)
3. Lets talk about tackling sexual violence on University campuses - Rachel Kerr
4. Swipe right to online dating - David Gibb Smith
5. Reaching the masses: How to get student bodies interested in HIV Awareness. - Niamh Kennedy
6. The future of Sexpression:UK - Matt Williams
7. LGBT Healthcare -  Zak O'Brien
8. What Sexpression should be teaching about Abortion - Aedin O'Cuill & Ben Brickford


Bringing the conference down all the way down south is very exciting. We will start the Saturday evening with a meal followed by a local Bar (R-Bar). From there we will head to Brighton biggest and best LGBT entertainment venue. The biggest and most famous gay club in the south of England outside of London! You'll be sure to have a blast in Brighton. The social theme is Disney!