Timetable and Speakers 



09.30 Registration and Breakfast

10.00 Introduction from National                   Committee

10.45 Talk One

11.45 Coffee Break 

12.00 Workshop 1

12.40 Workshop 2

13.20 Lunch

14.00 Workshop 3

14.45 Coffee Break

15.00 Voting 

17.00 Close of day


10.00 Registration and Breakfast

10.30 Talk Two

11.30 Coffee Break 

11.45 Workshop 4 

12.25 Workshop 5

13.05 Lunch

13.45 Workshop 6

14.45 Talk Three

15.45 Goodbye and Home 





SAYiT Sheena Amos Youth Trust was set up in memory of Sheena Amos a Sheffield NHS manager whose concern for young people’s sexual health and emotional well-beingled to one of the first Youth Clinics in the country being set up in 1981. SAYiT are a registered sexual health charity working with young people up to the age of 25, particularly those who are most vulnerable or marginalised. They provide support and social opportunities for young people who are LGBT+ or who HIV affects. Furthermore their youth volunteers run peer education programmes challenging prejudice and stigma around LGBT+ issues. 

Sexual Assault Referral Centres, or 'SARCs', are multidisciplinary services that provide help to survivors of rape and sexual assault, regardless of whether or not they decide to report the offence to the police. We have SARC here to talk to us about these services, including the mental health of survivors, the police and legal system and how gender affects the process. 

Sexpression Sheffield
Members of the Sexpression Sheffield team will be delivering a talk discussing several topics including sexual assault and the bystander effect, sexual assault and social media, and sexual assault in the LGBT community. The talks will focus on specific real-life case studies and will attempt to map out effective strategies that Sexpression:UK can introduce into schools in an attempt to effect a positive change in their culture.