2015 National Conference

31st October — 1st November at Newcastle University Medical School

This is a conference to meet and learn with other people who are passionate about sex and relationship education. It is also an opportunity to hear from influential speakers within the sexual health community.

Whats happening?

This year's theme is "sex: a new era?" In keeping with the theme members of Sexpression:UK will be applying for positions on the 2016 National Committee, each vying to take part in the the new era of Sexpression:UK. We'll also have forward-looking speakers talking about:

  • Living with HIV
  • Sex in commerce, culture and everyday life
  • Sex education in the UK
  • Sex education in countries with severe restrictions on freedom of expression

But not everything in this year's conference is about the new. Just like previous conferences, this one will be a great place to meet and learn from other people interested in sex and relationship education.

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