General Assembly National Committee Workshops

At this years General Assembly our amazing national committee will be running workshops on how to improve your branches. Over the weekend you will have the chance to attend 6 of these workshops. 

What is Sexpression:UK Zak O'Brien

Aimed at: All Members

You will find out all about the history of Sexpression:UK, including the important updates regarding our sparkling new Charity status and what this means for you all at a branch level!

Branches 101  Zak O'Brien

Aimed at: Committee Members

For all members (particularly committee members) who wish to learn how to run a branch on a day to day basis - including what Sexpression:UK expects from each branch and what we can do for you!

Recruitment and Retainment Zak O'Brien

Aimed at: Committee Members

This is for committee members who are looking to find ways to encourage volunteers to sign up and keep them engaged!

Branch Troubleshooting Zak O'Brien

Aimed at: Committee Members

This is for all members (particularly those on branch committees) who would like to find out how to manage difficult situations branches may face.

Branch Innovation Zak O'Brien

Aimed at: Anyone passionate about making their branch shine!

Want to make your branch stand out? Always fancied winning Best Branch at national conference? Come along and learn about ways some of our fabulous branches have excelled.

Successful Handover Zak O'Brien

Aimed at: Committee members and people considering a committee position next year

After all your hard work on the committee, you want your branch to continue to succeed even after you leave. This workshop will explore how to ensure your handover is the best it can be!

Monitoring and Evaluation David Gibbs-Smith

Aimed at: All Members

The way we will be checking how we’re doing is changing. Find out why and how to fill out the forms so we know what we’re teaching is working.

Introduction to the Core Offer David Gibbs-Smith

Aimed at: New Members

Find out exactly what we teach and how to access resources on the drive. This is really useful for people new to Sexpression:UK to help learn how our main focus for training affects you.

Putting Together a Comprehensive Lesson David Gibbs-Smith

Aimed at: New Members

Making sure the lessons we teach are cohesive and interesting is really important to us. Learning how to plan and implement an effective lesson will be the main focus of this workshop.

How do we keep our SRE Inclusive and Relevant? David Gibbs-Smith

Aimed at: Experienced Members

Remaining critical of everything we do is vital to maintaining our goals of keeping SRE inclusive and relevant to the people we teach. This is a workshop where we will be challenging what we are teaching and thinking about what we can improve to stay up to date with the needs of young people in SRE.

Teaching Techniques: How to deal with an unruly class David Gibbs-Smith

Aimed at: All Members

It would be great if every person in every class we teach is attentive and engaged, but sometimes this isn't the case. Learning some techniques to engage your audience and help keep classes under control can come in handy.

Consent Metaphors David Gibbs-Smith

Aimed at: All Members

Although these have been really trendy in the past few years, we should still consider them impact these are having with people. They can be really helpful or sometimes can make things more complicated. This workshop will be to discuss the pros and cons of these metaphors, complete with a new one to be scrutinised.

Shaping the Sexpression:UK Alumni Group Emily Souter and Emma Watson-Jones

Aimed at: Experienced Members  and Soon-to-be Graduates

This is for members to help share ideas about what they want to experience from Sexpression:UK after they graduate so we can set up a successful alumni group

SRETV: What To Do When You Find Yourself In An Interesting Position Jenny Dhingra

Aimed at: All Members

Ever wondered what it was like to take part in a TV/radio interview? From the comprehensive to the cringey, this workshop will focus on what/ what not to do if you find yourself in a media situation.

Advocacy: Let’s Talk About Strategy, Let’s Talk About Charity Emma Furzer 

Aimed at: All Members

In this workshop we'll be covering the basics of campaigning as a charity, including the dos & don'ts & developing a strategy for an advocacy campaign

Social Media: The Do’s and Dont’s Clare Clark

Aimed at: All Members (especially those with access to Sexpression social media accounts)

This workshop will focus on what to be putting on your Sexpression social media accounts and show the world how brilliant your branch is. 

How To Ask For Money and Ways To Make Your Own Emily Souter and Emma Watson-Jones

Aimed at: Committee members and people considering a committee position next year!

We will discuss with you applying for funding from National and how to apply for local grants

FGM and the Law 101 Daisy Manning 

Aimed at: All Members (especially Child Protection Officers) 

You’ve all been delivering FGM awareness training since September with your Child Protection training! Still confused? Got more questions? Just want to know more? This workshop will be covering the basics of FGM and more details around the change in England and Wales legislation.