As you grow up, and your body changes, it's quite natural to want to explore this ever-changing canvas known as 'you'. Masturbation is when you touch, or stimulate, your genitals (penis/vulva/breasts/anywhere) to gain sexual pleasure. There is no right way to masturbate, and many people do it differently. You can use your hands, or use sex toys as an aid. Some partners also like to practice mutual masturbation, whereby they stimulate each other’s genitals.

There are many myths surrounding masturbation, many of which serve to stigmatise it. Just as a note, masturbation does not cause blindness, hairs on the palms of your hands, or indeed any kind of physical or mental harm whatsoever. Masturbation has been stigmatised in society for centuries; the term “wanker”, after all, is derogatory, but we feel it's important to destigmatise it. It is a perfectly normal and natural thing to do, and it can help you discover what you like and don't like, and the ways you like and don't like to be touched, which can help when negotiating with sexual partners. Of course, some people don't like to masturbate, and that's perfectly fine too, and they should not feel pressured into it.

Overall, masturbation is neither a 'good thing', nor a 'bad thing'; it is simply a 'thing'. Some people like it, some people don't, and nobody should feel any shame, or be made to feel any shame, around it, whether they do it or not. It is also for any gender, no matter what anyone says, anyone can do it- just make sure you do it in a private setting.