Understanding so called “Honour Based Violence” and Forced Marriage as Gender Based Violence by Mridul Wadhwa

Mridul Wadhwa is the information and education officer at Shakti Women’s Aid and Training and Volunteer Co-ordinator for Rape Crisis Scotland. She is also an Associate of the College of Policing, England and Wales. Mridul has worked with survivors and service providers to ensure that those impacted receive a holistic and safe service.

GIRFEC Yourself: 'Policy and Practise in Scottish SRE by Ailish Carroll-Brentnall

Ailish has 9 years of experience in SRE, including 2 years as member of Sexpression Glasgow and a year running workshops in Mexico. She also spent 3 years working as a support worker for Glasgow Rape Crisis. She is currently employed as a Youth Worker in Moray.

Understanding criminalisation and stigmatisation of sex work and its impact on sex workers' access to health and justice in UK and Europe by Luca Stevenson

Luca Stevenson is a male sex worker and sex workers' rights activist. Originally from, France he currently lives in the UK where he co-founded Sex Worker Open University. Luca is coordinator of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE), a regional network of 85 sex workers' rights organisations in Europe and Central Asia.


Art Afternoons host sustainable arts and crafts workshops in Glasgow, with a particular focus on bringing people together.
Join us for a mini introduction to art activism and zine making!
A zine is an independent, self-published magazine- the perfect medium to express yourself and your message. In the workshop we'll be making our own collaborative Sexpressions zine (which we'll publish online) exploring themes raised by the conference. There will be lots of materials to play with and plenty of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. No artistic talent necessary.

COSNO! DIY Alternative Magazines (by Art Afternoons Glasgow)

Human and Sex Trafficking/CSE