What’s happening?

2015 National Conference, 31st October – 1st November at Newcastle University Medical School

The theme is “Sex: a new era?”

This year’s theme focuses on sexuality in a modern society, the influence of the media and the Internet on young people's perceptions of sex, and relationships and diversifying our teaching to include everyone from a variety of cultures and abilities.

Electing the 2016 Sexpression:UK National Committee

The 2016 national committee will be elected at the national conference. Do you want to shape the new era of Sexpression:UK? Then you should run in the election. Application forms need to be submitted by 24th October, so find out how to apply right now.
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Love Matters

Love Matters works with countries where freedom of expression is severely restricted and access to information isn’t available in the local media because of laws or taboos. They provide web, mobile and social media platforms to give young people the facts they need to have safer, healthier and happier sex.

Justin Hancock

Justin Hancock is a sex educator, trainer, practitioner, youth worker, writer and activist. He writes BishUK.com, the award winning free, Sex Ed website for teens. He has been a sex educator for over 13 years and has worked with thousands of young people.

Professor Clarissa Smith

Professor Clarissa Smith is Professor of Sexual Cultures at Sunderland University and founding co-editor of the Routledge journal Porn Studies. Her research focuses on the texts and contexts of sexually explicit media and sexual practices. She is also a founding member of the Onscenity Network—an international network to investigate the ways in which sex is increasingly intertwined with commerce, the media and new technology.

Tom Hayes

Tom is a passionate HIV activist and advocate. Working across the UK and Europe, he aims to reduce the number of new HIV diagnoses, and improve life for those living with HIV. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of beyondpositive, an online magazine for those living with HIV in the UK. Tom attended last year’s national conference, and is back this year to do a question and answer session with other colleagues from Beyond Positive to share their stories of living with HIV.

Emma Holten

Emma Holten is a feminist activist. Four years ago she became a victim of revenge porn. She published an article and video telling the story of how she recovered from the humiliation it caused her. She also published her own nude photographs to speak out against objectification and reclaim her own body. 

Emma Holten

External workshops (with some still to add)

  1. Alex Campey, Streetwise. "Man Up Project"
  2. Alex Feis-Bryce, National Ugly Mugs. 
  3. The Angelou Centre
  4. Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq, Deafax
  5. Ian Fiddes, Changing Lives, Male Action Project.  
  6. Emma Holten (discussion around her talk and brainstorming how to discuss revenge porn in schools)
  7. James Hanson, National AIDS Trust
  8. Isabella Sorley. Her story - what she tweeted, the prison sentence, how she feels about it now, social media's warning & how to prevent further grief. 
  9. Fope Olaleye, NUSU LGBT Officer.
  10. Lizz Lennox, Free Being Me

Student workshops

More information to follow shortly.


There will be an evening meal, followed by a night out to a club on the Saturday! Details will be confirmed later.