How effective is it? 1 in 200 operations fail, so most work very well.  It is for people who are sure that they do not want more or any children.


How does it work? Fallopian tubes, which carry eggs to the uterus are cut, sealed or blocked by an operation.  Sperm cannot reach the eggs. It is also called 'tubal occlusion' or 'getting your tubes tied' for this reason.


What are the advantages? Does not interrupt sex, there is no need to think about contraception after the operation, periods are unaffected.

What are the disadvantages? All surgeries carry risk (risk of serious complications are low).  There is a small increased risk of ectopic pregnancy if the sterilisation fails, general or local anaesthetic is needed.


Other facts: Must have counselling before this procedure.  You will require some time to recover after the procedure there may be some pain.  You have to avoid strenuous activity for a while after.