Growing up and going through puberty means that your body will change to become more adult. With that change comes the attempt to adapt to living with a body that smells more than before. In general, places where hair grows (arm pit, genital area and around the bum) smell more than other parts of the body. This is because those areas are where skin is touching other skin most of the time and this causes sweat. The hair is there to reduce friction, but also doesn’t help because it traps bacteria which causes the smell known as body odour (BO).

This means if you want to reduce how much body odour you have, you need to keep a good level of hygiene. Washing each day is important, but taking care to wash with soap those areas that smell more will be very helpful. It may sound obvious to wash, but it is something that many teenagers don’t bother with very often, for whatever reason. Using deodorants are useful too, but using too much can be just as bad. Reducing the amount of hair in that place can also help but that is your decision. Do be careful as cutting yourself around the genitals can be very painful and it can bleed a lot too.

Another place that can smell badly is feet. This is because they are in shoes a lot and sweat easily too. A good way to limit the smell is to do as above and wash them thoroughly, including between the toes, and seeking treatment if there is any cuts or odd skin growths such as athlete’s foot. Changing your socks during the day and not wearing the same shoes all the time can be very good too, if this is an option available to you. This allows your shoes to breathe and not build up so much bacteria.

Please do note that smelling of body odour is completely natural and if you want to reduce that smell it is your choice, and definitely not a must. It is your body so you make the decision. If you are having problems and want more help, always go to see your GP doctor, there are ways to help if body odour is a real issue for you and the above methods are not working.