House of Lords Children and Families Bill

Sexpression would like to iterate our disappointment at the failure of the amendments to the Children and Families Bill that would have made Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) compulsory in all government funded schools. We believe that these amendments would have helped with tackling the inequality of health and wellbeing amongst young people in the UK.  

We watched the live stream from the House of Lords with great hope as numerous Lords came out in favour of the amendment. Baroness Kidron made a rousing speech highlighting the need for this education in the technological age. Baroness Tonge also made some sterling points as a medical professional, previous sex education provider, mother and grandmother.

We were heartened by numerous mentions of the Sex Education Forum, Brook and PSHE association. We hope that with the government’s proposed plans for an update to the sex education guidelines will heed the advice of these experts to produce an age appropriate, comprehensive and evidence informed curriculum.

Despite the defeat this is not the end of ours efforts to ensure that every young person is given the tools and information they need to navigate their way to a happy and healthy sex life. We do not think the current guidelines go far enough to ensure this.

As ever we will continue to campaign for Statutory Sex and Relationships Education with the Sex Education Forum. This issue is too important to let politics to continue to disadvantage young people in the UK.

The debate made it clear that young people, teachers, health professionals, advocates and parents want this and we will not stop fighting for it.