NECSE 2014

Wow! What can I say about NECSE 2014? Well it was fantastic fun, interesting, that really doesn’t come close!

Despite the beautiful setting in the Swiss mountains, the undoubted highlight was meeting and working with the other participants at this conference for Northern European countries to share sex and relationship education lesson plans. Having the opportunity to meet these passionate, committed and inspiring these people was an honour. Each country presented a wide range of methods on topics from social norms in facilitation, red flags of domestic abuse and a of course some very energetic ice breakers, which we hope to see appearing in Sexpression lesson plans across the UK.

To see their enthusiasm and drive that they brought to the conference was inspiring and great to see the brilliant work that goes on in our sister projects across Northern Europe. It really put the United Kingdom in perspective, what we can improve and what we can do better. The UK has a lot to learn from countries, such as Sweden and the Netherlands, in being more accepting and open to discuss sexual health, relationships and norms within their own societies. The theme of the conference was Sexual Satisfaction; unfortunately, most schools will not let us in to talk to pupils about sexual satisfaction, a hugely important topic that actually leads to safer sex practice. We hope from what we learnt at NECSE we will be able to create a fun and interactive resource for young people to be placed on our website.

I really would urge Sexpression:UK members to attend the next NECSE to be held by the amazing Estonian delegation that is set to be another fantastic event. Not only does NECSE allow for a lot of method exchange, it is also great as a source of personal growth to learn more about other areas in sex and relationship education, to meet other like-minded and inspiring people, and to just have a seriously fun time.