Sexpression:UK Supports StopAIDS and Student StopAIDS


Sexpression:UK supports the StopAIDS and Student StopAIDS campaign in trying to secure equitable and sustainable access to affordable, innovative medicines for HIV treatment. We urge our members and the members of the public to also support them. HIV medicine provision is inconsistent between countries around the world. Many old and harmful medicines are being used in desperation to treat HIV because there is not access to the new and much improved medicines.

The Free Trade Agreement currently being negotiated between the EU and India will have a damaging impact on access to medicines. We must raise awareness of this and how the British public can combat this. We also need to prevent other deals doing the same – like the EU-Thailand FTA and the huge Trans-Pacific Partnership. To make a difference, we need to tell MEPs and those running for positions in the elections later this year that they need to support a raise concerns for this area.

We urge people to attend their current speaker tour to learn more about living with HIV and why more should be done to help those with HIV around the world, with a condition that is very treatable and can be wiped out this generation.

Dates for the speaker tour can be found here:

For more information on Student StopAIDS please go here: