Sexpression's first ever Training Day For Trainers!

training day III.jpg

On a sunny Saturday in September, some dedicated Sexpressioners from several branches decided to spend the day indoors and do some hard work at our Training Day for Trainers. The training day was designed for people who are involved with providing training for Sexpression members and aimed to provide a forum to learn and think about good training methods in the context of Sexpression.

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We started off by discussing facilitation and how to be a good facilitator, then participants had the opportunity to practise their skills. We also considered ways of working with co-facilitators and how to deal with interpersonal difficulties. This led on to an activity about creating a non-judgemental environment, which highlighted ways in which people may be judgemental without realising it and how to minimise this as much as possible. We then considered some specific problems which frequently come up in lessons and effective ways of dealing with these.

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After lunch we focused on what makes a good lesson or training event by hearing about each person’s positive experiences of facilitation and then putting these in the context of the target audience. We also did an activity on public speaking and everyone got to practise this by giving short talks. Finally the participants were able to put all the skills they had been developing throughout the day to use by planning their own imaginary Sexpression training events in small groups. They had to think about how they would overcome some common obstacles that might come up (as well as some more unusual ones)!

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Overall the day was a success and there was some good positive feedback from people. I did notice that people didn’t like being stuck inside all day, so we’ll try to fit in some outdoors time next year. In 2014 the training day should be even bigger and better with representation from more branches. It will be fitting into our new plans to provide a standard training curriculum to all branches in order to give them skills to use with their chosen teaching methods. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

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