2016 National Conference

22nd-23rd October 2016 at Westlain Building, University of Brighton, Village Way, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9PH

The Sexpression:UK National Conference is one of two national conferences hosted by the organisation each year for people who are passionate about sex and relationships education.  Attendees will have the opportunity to meet people who share similar interests whilst learning new methods to help improve the quality of the work we complete with young people throughout the country.  There will also be opportunity for discussion and to hear from influential speakers from within the sexual health community.

What's happening?

The main focus of this years National Conference focuses on the work of the recent PROUD Study which has helped put PrEP on the market. There will be speakers, talks and panel discussions on this topic. As well as focusing on the PrEP, we are excited to have talks from leaders in the charity sector, Durex, a Trans topic and more.

The workshops over the two days will be exciting, interactive and educational from internal and external speakers.

 So don’t miss this years conference!

We will have speakers discussing:

  • UK Charity Sector
  • Compulsory and Inclusive SRE
  • Trans issues

Sale of tickets will stop Wednesday 19th October, so make sure to get yours beforehand!

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